Stop the Spies – An Interactive Privacy Installation by James Theophane

Stop the Spies
Art & About, Sydney. 19 SEPT – 12 OCT 2014 2014
in collaboration with Luca Lonescu & Celina Stang (aka Neon Nomads)
Live Streaming / LED Fabric
Made possible by Holler Sydney, Nylon and

This year the organisers of Art & About, Sydney invited artists from around the globe to pitch ideas exploring the “endangered – the ‘at risk’, the threatened, the exposed and the risky from all perspectives“.

I chose to take this as an opportunity to raise awareness of the eroding privacy of our digital lives. This was especially topical as Australia was putting a motion through the senate to retain 2 years of every citizen’s metadata.

To bring this to life I worked with Neon Nomads and Holler Sydney to create giant all-seeing eyes, envisioned as stark symbols of the government’s threat to online privacy.

We installed these in Hyde Park, the heart of Sydney’s CBD and the centre of the Art & About. Each ‘eye’ was linked to a ‘spy-station’ situated away from, but within line of sight of it’s linked giant eye.


Each station had a voyeuristic-looking scope attached, and the surround-environment was designed to ensure the passer-by understood peeping in to the scope live-streamed their eye to the giant conical LED installation.

However the stations served a greater purpose.


Looking through the scope not only live-streamed the viewer’s eye to the installation, but using a two-way mirror system we were able to present the user with information about the proposed changes to online surveillance legislation, and urge them to visit and take a stand.


On 3 October 2014 the bill was passed by the Senate allowing the government to spy on it’s citizens, but not without a clear warning; we’re watching you, watching us.





“Girl with a Pearl Earring” Made Entirely with Masking Tape


Funahara Nasa loves masking tape. The Japanese student who lists her hobbies as “collecting masking tape, accessories making and napping”, probably didn’t get much time for the latter when she made this fantastic reproduction.

Funahara says she made it out of necessity whilst studying at Musashino Art University. Her graphic design class was briefed to create a magazine and she didn’t have a decent cover shot, so she set about raiding her collection of over 450 reels of tape to make the above, and subsequently many more.

via Excite.

Funarhara’s infamous collection: nasa-funahara-masking-tape-8

Insanely Detailed, Hand-Drawn Cross-Section of Kowloon Walled City


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.44.41 pm

In 1993 Kowloon Walled City, once thought to be the most densely populated place on earth, was demolished.  The high-rise ghetto known as the “brothel of the East”,  was a labyrinth of dark corridors, interconnected dwellings and informal housing.

Prior to demolition a team of inspectors, engineers, and cultural anthropologist Hiroaki Kani, spent a considerable time surveying the city documenting every nook and cranny.

In 1997 Iwanami Shoten and Kowloon City Exploration Team published their findings in  “大図解九龍城 大型本“. It’s pièce de résistance being an amazing  cross-section panorama of the ultra-high-density space.

Explore the sketch in 4716 x 1754 detail.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.42.12 pm Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.42.01 pm Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.42.20 pm

via deconcrete.

Inaugural Prix Net Art Winner: JODI

Congratulations to JODI for winning the inaugural Prix Net Art, an International Award for Net Art.

Explore some of their selected works curtesy of (Prix Art):


A screen of garbled green text looks like a broken website, until the viewer checks the HTML code through the browser’s ‘View Source’ function and realizes that the page is generated from a text drawing of a nuclear missile.

Geo Goo (2008)

A software-driven artwork built on Google Maps that uses “dropped pins” and other features for creating user-generated maps to create a frenetic animation.

bbbb (1998)

An experimental website, using randomly generated ASCII art and Javascript.


For more visit Prix Net Art. PNA is co-organized by Center for Art and Technology (CCIA), Rhizome and TASML | Tsinghua University Art and Science Media Lab.

1847 meter, the distance from my house to my studio


Objects 1847 meters found in Helmut Smit‘s studio. Photo by Lotte Stekelenburg

extension lead 10 m

extension cord red 25 m

extension cord yellow 20 m

extension cord green 12 m

extension cord white 3 m

extension cord IKEA KOPPLA 5 m

installation wire black 100 m

rope brown 100 m

rope white 20 m

rope off white 20 m

rope IKEA blue10 m

rope black/blue/white 20 m

sisal rope 45 m

polypropylene rope yellow 45 m

polypropylene rope blue 45 m

polypropylene rope brown 45 m

flexible tube 5 m

nail band 10 m

tape measure 3 m

tape measure 30 m

iron wire 1,5mm green 25 m

iron wire 50 m

iron wire green Gamma 50 m

iron wire green Skandia 50 m

clothesline 20 m

tensioning strap orange 5 m

tensioning strap blue 4 m

stretching foil 150 m

coaxial cable 5 m

yarn 65 m

sandpaper roll kwb 5 m

sandpaper roll 5 m

electrical wire black 5 m

electrical wire white 5 m

electrical wire brown 5 m

electrical wire with switch 2 m

elastic band 10 m

thread 100 m

masons line 40 m

phone cord 2 m

iron cord 3 m

melamine edge 2,5 m

nylon thread 25 m

bandage 4 m

plaster tape 5 m

duct tape 50 m

insulating tape black 4,5 m

insulating tape brown 4,5 m

insulating tape yellow/green 4,5 m

insulating tape blue 4,5 m

insulating tape green 25 m

masking tape Elma 25 m

masking tape Tesa 50 m

12mm masking tape 50 m

masking tape purple 25 m

double sided foam tape 1,5 m

double sided carpet tape 5 m

sealing tape 5 m

aluminum tape 5 m

packing tape Scotch 66 m

packing tape Tesa 66 m

packing tape fragile 66 m

packing tape transparant Scotch 66 m

packing tape transparant Zeeman 25 m

adhesive tape 33 m

adhesive tape crystal 33 m


teflon tape 12 m