Miniature chewing gum art by Ben Wilson



I have some architect friends who tell me to look up when walking down the street. Look up and see the wonderful nooks and crannies of London. And they’re right, looking up can reveal a whole new side to London ever so easy to miss. Should you find yourself in Muwsell Hill or Highgate, may i suggest you look down, and if you look closely enough you will discover you have been stepping on some of the most intricate and delicate chewing gum artwork I have ever seen.

Artist Ben Wilson paints tiny pictures on discarded chewing gum.  Explaining why he undertook such painstaking work, he said it was “nice to paint art in a more spontaneous way”.

“If you take something like the gum – which is everywhere, all over London – you can take that and hopefully make that into something more positive.

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