Electrolux – Art Home

Electrolux was known as Arthur Martin in France. We teamed up with a bunch of artists and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris to launch the rebrand. We started with a restaurant installation on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo and a 365 day foodie/art event. From the event we made the site a 365 day event in itself using content from visitors to keep it alive over the whole year.

Awards: Campaign Big Awards [Shortlisted], BIMA [Shortlisted], London International [Winner] Eurobest [Shortlisted], Webby [Shortlisted].





The challenge
Raise awareness for Electrolux within the French market prior to re-positioning Arthur Martin to Electrolux

Brand Plaform/HVI
Electrolux – Tools for self-expression

The Idea
Art Home, a place where multiple artists create unforgettable experiences around food. To make their passion a reality, Electrolux together with contemporary Parisian art centre Palais de Tokyo, then joined forces with contemporary artist Laurent Grasso and culinary director Gilles Stassart. And thus was born a new creative journey around culinary art

The roof – 12 seater table for lunch / dinner cooked by resident chef / international chef
Workshops – 1st floor cooking workshops in kitted out Electrolux kitchens
Tours – visits of the roof area for 15 people every 30 minutes each day between 3.00pm and 6.00pm
Kids day – every Wed and Sat, from 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Garden on the roof – fresh vegetables and herbs grown for the lunches and dinners as well as education sessions with kids

We took inspiration from the daily changing menu to created a site that aggregates daily tweets, videos and photos of the visitors to the restaurant and workshops. Every day the site collects fresh user generated content to supplement the official imagery and video.

Making of