Electrolux – Love Your Clothes

Pan-European multi-million pound comms pitch.

Pitch Task:  Relaunch Iron Aid, Electrolux’s high-end clothing care steam dryer across Europe, also create a sustained consumer engagement pre and post purchase cycle.

Key thought: Steam is the choice of the fashion professional.

Over the past few year’s sustainable fashion has emerged as much more than a fleeting trend. More and more people are getting into Swishing, Style Swap and Vintage parties. And it’s not just to save money. It’s as much a social movement as it is about fashion. There are several variations ranging from sample sale events, through to large-scale Swish warehouse events and intimate smaller boutique Swag parties at home. This is great territory for the IronAid. On a practical level, all the clothes at these events need to be refreshed and made to feel new again. On a brand level it’s about promoting the Love Your Clothes position. It’s about giving people ways of participating on every level. Giving them valuable tools and experiences that will give them a reason to engage with the brand.



Not a website, rather a platform for content and functionality that can then be transferred to other channels. As social media destination it performs the same function as a social network site but in the context of fashion. It’s about giving people ways of sharing their love of clothes and tools to give them access to fashion on a deeper level – not just as a consumer but as a creator.


Magic Mirror
Social retailing technology takes ‘how do I look in this?’ thought to a much wider audience. This is a three-panelled interactive mirror with two cameras located on either side. Using a mobile equipped with wireless shoppers simply point their camera at the mirror to activate their mirror app on Lookbook. Friends and family can then see them modelling the different outfits and then vote on the outfits and/or text-message their opinion back to the shopper.


LookBook Mobile
The Lookbook is a social media tool so much of the functionality would be developed for mobile devices. The interface is version features key functionality and tools. These include messaging, webcast/livecast, Virtual Mirror application, Retail GPS store mapping, sale and event text alerts and Add to Wardrobe functionality.


All content and site functionality can be distributed and embedded locally in blogs and social media sites (flash movie only). We can also deliver updated flash video content directly to embedded ads in social network profiles.

work @ Lost Boys