The Idea
Every meal is an opportunity

How it works
Say hello to Norma. Norma is mum’s helping hand. Actually she’s more than that, she’s a friend.   She knows how hard it is being a mum.  But she also knows how to make the job of being a mum, easier. She personifies everything Knorr does to give mums a bit of help. Why? To give mums more time to have more fantastic meal experiences, more often..

She works on a functional level and on an emotional level.  She represents features and benefits.  She a person and she’s an application.

She gives mum more time.
Norma can help mum save time shopping for food, preparing food and researching recipes. She’s intelligent enough to know mum would rather spend time with her family at every opportunity.

She can inspire mum.
Not all mums are born chefs. Some love cooking but don’t have the time to learn new recipes. Norma can do the legwork here too. She can collate, simplify and share mum’s cooking plans and recipes.

It creates deep audience engagement and an emotional bond. By encouraging participation, we also capture data allowing us to sell subscriptions over time.

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