Rankin Live


During my time as the Art Director and CD on Rankin account we received this amazing brief from Rankin.  Originally we were discussing calling it Rankin Live(s) – The Great British Portrait week. 

At it’s heart the idea was simple: shoot, instantly project, print and hang a portrait of each subject, creating an ephemeral and amorphous exhibition space documenting the lives of Britain today.  This morphed into Rankin Live a massive retrospective, a live shoot, an interactive gallery and magazine all in one.

It was quite an ambitious ask, but quite lot of the original thinking made it through to the exhibition.  Initially we were thinking of partnering with JCDecaux Innovate, using their street furniture to take the exhibition beyond the confines of Brick Lane.  We had also floated the idea of mini interactive installation booths dotted around the country and at festivals.  The resecession kicked in and I guess this bacame a little too ambitious.  The Rankin Live tent did make an appearance at Big Chill festival up in Eastnor though.

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