Sony Soundville

So the Sony campaign I consulted on in planning and strategy has finally gone live. The project was huge and meant working with Fallon, Dare (I got to work with Paul Donohue, producer again who I seem to be crossing paths with quite alot), OMD and Naked – oddly enough we all got on real well.

The brief, The Power of Sound (written before “The Power of …” wasn’t so passé) based on an insight in which vision is only 50% of your entertainment experience.

Fallon were torn between two concepts: weird and wonderful large scale experiments with sound , culminating in taking over a small town called Seydisfjordur, and a cacophonous rhapsody of madness directed by Jonothan Glazier in which we had monkeys beating drums on top of trains speeding into tunnels (Fallon shot this, but it got canned as it was too bizarre).

The work producedSound experimentsThe townJuan Cabral

The Soundville campaign was developed at Fallon, London, by Executive Creative Director Richard Flintham, Creative Director Juan Cabral, agency producer Gemma Knight.

Filming was shot by director Juan Cabral via MJZ, London, with producer Nellie Jordan and director of photography Alwin Kuchler.

Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company. Editor was Neil Smith at Work Post. Sound was produced and supervised at A-Bomb. Audio post production was done at Wave Studios  by Parv Thind.

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