I’m a little slow on the uptake of this video. I had seen it quite a few times but never posted it. Now I have the source and background, I have finally gotten round to posting it:

“Choreography was another major challenge. First, we had to plan every movement and action in each square, based on how it related to it’s surrounding grid. We then created detailed animatics of the entire video. We then filmed ourselves and made guide movies for the cast to follow. We didn’t have a great deal of time with each person, so we needed to give the cast something to practice with before we started shooting.

The project took 3 months in total. A time frame that was lengthened by each of us having extremely busy day jobs. The first two months were spent concepting, storyboarding and planning and the last month was spent organizing and filming the 70+ cast. It was a total mission. However we somehow got there in the end. We owe our thanks to the amazing and beautiful cast that donated so much of their own time to the project. Without their effort and enthusiasm the production could never have been what it was. “

Masashi Kawamura
Hal Kirkland
Magico Nakamura
Masayoshi Nakamura

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