D&AD Blog: All wrapped up


Hoorah, my installation idea for the front cover of London’s Metro has been shortlisted. There are some great executions in there by the likes of The Partners, McCann Erikson and Handstand Creative.

London Feels
Metro has a unique opportunity to gauge and shape the mood of Londoners.
London Feels is an installation that does exactly that. Using the Metro Twitter feed and #londonfeels, Metro offers its readership the oppportunity to use one word to describe how they feel today.

As the emotions diagram above shows, emotions can be divided into six groups: Happy, Excited, Tender, Scared, Angry and Sad.

Using this data we create a physical visual device that can reflect that ephemeral nature of Londoner’s Moods.  A live installation. Each balloon represents a mood segment: Green = Happy, Red = Angry etc. Each ballon is connected to emotional keywords, live via twitter. The ballon reacts by inflating or deflating depending on popularity of the mood.

You can watch, or interact with the installation live via the internet.


Kenny Campbell, Editor, Metro
Paul Brazier, D&AD President & ECD, AMV.BBDO
Ringan Ledwidge, Director, Rattling Stick
Alex Bec, Director and Editor, It’s Nice That