Space Invader – A Collapsible Input Device for Direct 3D Manipulation beyond the Screen

I love how this inverts the current application of 3D technology. Why simply bring things out into the user’s space? Why not let the user invade the technological space?

“What would it be like to reach into a screen and manipulate virtual objects as in real world. We present Beyond, a novel collapsible input device for direct 3D manipulation. When pressed against a screen, Beyond collapses in the physical world and extends into the digital space of the screen, such that users can have an illusion that they are inserting the tool into the virtual space. Beyond allows users to directly interact with 3D media, avoiding inconsistencies of input and output without having to wear special glasses. Users can select, draw, and sculpt in 3D virtual space and seam- lessly transition between 2D and 3D manipulation. We de- scribe detailed interaction techniques, implementation and application scenarios focused on geometric design and prototyping.” 

– Jihna Lee

Jinha is an interaction designer and computer scientist working at MIT Media Lab. He is crazy about levitation, media arts, physics, linguistics, italian films, piano, mythologies, kimchi and natto. 

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