Into the void, a home-made voyage into Space

Homemade Spacecraft by Luke Geissbuhler.

Video from a camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space.

“I stuffed a 3′ parachute between the foam collars, so when it burst, it deployed. They were zip tied to the four corners of the craft which also held the top and bottom together. The collars were to prevent spinning (not rocking as I mis-spoke in the video) as well as a pendulum action. But instead created some fierce turbulence that seemed to rock the thing side to side pretty badly. That was totally unexpected.

Tracked using instatracker.

We did calculations based on the timeline of the video and the GPS coordinate altitudes, which only picked up satellites below 50,000′. We know the rate at which it was ascending and when it burst. We are now doing some complex modeling to replicate it on paper. This should give us some more exact data. If anything it seems it went higher because it was actually accelerating on the way up. Stay tuned.”

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