Nokia – A Smart Choice


The Task: Position Nokia as the Smart Choice in emerging markets by bringing excitement and desire back to the brand. Showcasing features and services in one package.

Campaign POV: We believe that life doesn’t have to be ordinary, that everyone should be able to grab opportunities and make life extraordinary right now. 

3D Music App
The user downloads a music track specially created for Nokia by the leading artist in each market. The track comprises of say 10 channels (instruments and vocals). The user shares the track via the app with friends. The track separates itself into 10 streams simultaneously broadcasting from each phone. Using the device speakers the users have just created an immersive 3D sound experience to impress their party friends.


Voice Modulator
Creating, remixing and sharing voice modulator music using only a straw, cellotape, a Nokia Device and a simple app. Record, rate and share your masterpiece. Allow others to resample your work. Collaborate with other users to create “remixes”. Use social networks to collaborate, share and brag.


A Neo-Postal game. Playing against the world chess master is a daunting task. But what if you had the world on your side, could you win? The game crowd sources the best next move. be a part of it and pit your wits against and beat the world champion. It’s You & The World Vs Visnanathan Anand. Invite your friends, use a predefined digital hierarchical command structure and challenge the world’s best. MMORG Chess uses the power of your social networks and connections to empower you to make the best move.


Online advertising


Live action MPU


Device skins


Online property


work @ R/GA