The Annoying Orange – Chatterboxing

We wanted to give Nokia owners immediate gratification for activating Chat (Nokia’s Instant Messaging services)… So we invented Chatterboxing; a whole new gaming genre for mobile phones.

Audience: Social Media Teen Influencer

James Théophane & Laura Hunter

Annoying Orange Chatterboxing:  A global Instant Messaging device-only game in which players pit their fingers against a quick-witted, intelligent and cheeky chat-bot: The Annoying Orange.  Players are challenged to out spa the Chatterboxing Champion of Chat in IM. For every successful put-down, cuss or phrase unlocked, the player receives points, unlocks badges and is rewarded with a prizes.  The more the player chats, the more points they win.  The player with the most points globally is crowned the Chatterboxing champ. Weekly and monthly prizes are given away to the top ten players globally and locally.


Campaign assets: 


Nokia homepage takeover – Let’s get read to rumblllllllllllle…
Upon landing on the homepage the Nokia devices surprisingly come to life introducing to main characters, the Master of Ceremonies, and The Annoying Orange. The MC introduces Annoying Orange ala Madison Square Gardens…


The campaign destination hosts the global game; Leagues. Top scorers. Country v County. Stats, badges and prizes…


On Device Ring/Viztones and on device theme…

Marketing Objective: Build awareness and excitement around Nokia IM Services.

Chatterboxing (chat·ter·bok’sin) 
n. The act of talking shit. Spitting off. Running of the mouth.
v. “All these hoes be chatterboxing.”  

work @ R/GA 

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