Pepsi Max – Top Mates

Awards: One Show Entertainment [Branded Applications – Merit], FWA [Mobile App of the Week], AIMIA [Best Mobile – Finalist], Proxy Awards [Mobile – Silver].

Recognition: iTunes Top 10, Wired Magazine

Mobile/Social Social Engagement
Males 19 – 26

20 something blokes are spending less time with their mates due to increasing work and relationship commitments. The Pepsi Max Top Mates app gives them the incentive and tools to break away into ‘mate time’.

The app exemplifies two key concepts of progressive digital engagement – ‘utility’ and ‘gamification’. App ‘Stealth Tools’ generate excuses with which users can fend off ‘distractions’. By checking in with each other and tagging activities, users can unlock content, rewards and badges. Users can check their progress against other mates and app users in their ‘Brofile’.

Users activity is amplified to the FB site, seamlessly integrating mobile with social.

The Pepsi Max Top Mates summer promotion also doubles as a launch campaign for the Top Mates app, which is designed to live on permanently as a consumer promotions platform. Pepsi will be able to dynamically generate promotions and reward users for spending time with mates and checking-in.




Creative Director – James Theophane
Producer: John Mclean
Craft: Tim Mcpherson
UX: Claire Alexander
Art Director – Kat Jarrett
Copywriter – Nik Spadina

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work @ Clemenger BBDO