Chirp. The app that shares stuff via “digital birdsong”.

Chirp (developed by University College London) is a new platform to connect objects to networks by transmiting data via a burst of “digital birdsong”, aiming to simplify the way users share images and other files between smartphones. Share photos, webpages, contacts: all from your built-in speaker.

“Chirp is designed for quick and easy sharing between people in the same place. Unlike Bluetooth, Chirp doesn’t require you to pair devices, and unlike email, you don’t even need to type in anyone’s mail address. Because mobile keyboards suck. And, unlike instant messaging clients, you don’t have to add recipients from a buddy list. To share stuff, you don’t need to be friends on Facebook, or following each other on Twitter, or connected on LinkedIn. None of that is needed. Just press the big yellow Chirp button, and anyone running the app can ‘hear’ the data. Simple.”

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