Mimeisthai Wins FWA Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award @ClemengerSydney

FWA is an industry recognised award program, established in 2000, showcasing projects which use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations.

What is Mimeisthai?

“What Twitter Would Look Like, Without A Laptop Or Smartphone” – Fast Company

Clemenger BBDO Sydney turned their 1072 square meter Carriage Works Sydney theatre into a giant, real-time emerging topics trending engine. We installed an array of directional and parabolic mics strategically through the theatre. Each line-out connected directly to a dedicated speech-to-text engine. This took snippets of conversations spoken live from the theatre, and generated a live visualisation portraying ideas as they spread through the audience.

Think twitter, except without the need for a smartphone, laptop or tablet – to trend a topic all you need to do…is speak.

As well as being popular on the day, Mimeisthai went viral online too. Here’s just some of the plaudits:

“The Future of Social Media” – HUHMagazine

“Prepare to be stopped in your tracks because this is off the hook” – It’s Nice That

“A New Social Era?” – Zé Studio

“Leave it to the Aussies to bring the art of conversation back in to the real world” – Really New Media

“The World’s First Spoken-Word Trending Engine” – SohoHouse