Future Watch. Self-Driving Cars

I think it’s time to buy a holiday home more than around 5 hours away (the band after-which where the property prices drop). Self Driving Cars are one step closer to realising the next gigantic leap in transit technology.

Both Audi and Toyota catch up to Google by demonstrated driver-less cars at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show

The Scenario*

It’s Friday. 7pm. You’ve just had a long week at work. You want to get out of the city. You pack up your Self Driving road vehicle. It’s spacious in the back. It has a TV set (IP enabled, and has downloaded your favourite appointment-to-view show). The kids are excited. You all play Trivial Pursuit on your connected devices. The kids fall asleep. You and your partner watch drift off in each others arms. Before you know ut, you’ve arrived at your holiday home. You carry your kids straight to bed. Enjoy a glass of wine with your partner and go to bed. Your kids you up at 7am jumping up and down on the end of the bed shouting “mummy, daddy, let’s go to the beach!”

On the downside, this guy would no long be able to perform this prank:

*If, like me, you’re fortunate enough to live in Sydney and through a series of fortunate events find yourself in a reasonably comfortable middle-class existence.

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