Picked up three Cannes Lions this week. w00t!

cannes lion james theophane

Stoked to have picked up three Cannes Lions and one finalist this week. Skittles Telekinize the Rainbow picked up two Cyber Lions and one Direct Lion. Well done Anna, Dave, Luke, Ben, Paul and all the crew at BBDO.

Telekinize the Rainbow was an interactive, multi-user experience giving individuals the ability to move actual Skittles with their mind. For real. Live.

After being heavily tipped, and a run of 2 Adfest Grand Prix’s (Cyber and Innovation), Gold at Digital Asia, New York Festival silvers, One Show awards and D&AD, I was surprised (and a little disappointed if I’m honest) TEDx Mimeisthai didn’t perform better at the Cyber Lions. Oh well, it had a pretty good run, and did pick a finalist.

TEDx Mimeisthai was the world’s first spoken-word trending engine that went on to be described internationally as, “Twitter without the smartphone or laptop.”

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