Creative Social at Holler Sydney

And All Things Return to Nature Tomorrow

A big thank you to all the good sports who took part in yesterday’s very interactive Creative Social at Holler Sydney. Thanks also to choreographic artist Brook Stamp for not only sharing her creative process, but actively involving us in it, and to Deputy Director Rodger Watson and Director Prof. Kees Dorst of the Designing Out Crime research centre, for their talk on the application of ‘Design Thinking’ solving crime.



IMG_1447 IMG_1511 IMG_1533 IMG_0696

About Brooke Stamp

Brooke is a Melbourne based dance and choreographic artist working between sound and performance installation. Her work draws from the hyperreal and imagined rhythms inherent to the movement of the universe, drawing from scientific and mystical perspectives on linear and spatial experiences of time. She has worked closely with Phillip Adams Balletlab since the companies inception in 1998, and is currently working on And All Things Return to Nature Tomorrow, her first major choreographic commission premiered as a double bill with Phillip Adams in March 2013.

To find out more and contact Brooke please visit:

About Designing out Crime

The Designing Out Crime (DOC) research centre is internationally recognised as a leader in innovative, creative and socially responsive design. DOC uses design research methods to explore problems and obtain an in-depth understanding of factors contributing to crime in specific problem situations. This research is then used to widen the problem context and create new frames. Reframing a problem context allows for totally new solution scenarios to be developed. DOC tests these solutions for validity, integrating them in to the problem context. Through this process DOC creates new solutions to old problems. These solutions can be physical product based, but can also be system or policy based.

To find out more and contact the DOC please visit:

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