Interactive Ad or Crowdsourcing? Audi Australia’s “Land of Quattro” Campaign

A compelling dissection and conclusion for our work; Australia. Land of quattro.

Yannig Roth / This is my blog

Australia Audi Land Of Quattro

Audi’s latest global brand platform, “Land of Quattro” and has been rolled out in several countries like India, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia. For the latter, Audi Australia has imagined a participative campaigned designed to involve consumers with the brand. “In Australia, Audi has worked with its newly-appointed agency Holler to produce […] an innovative digital execution that allows the public to ‘remix’ the TVC to direct their own commercial, explains. A typical example of a crowdsourced advertising campaign, right?

CSW’s tweet got me thinking. It links to this article, where Anna Burgdorf, general manager of Audi corporate communications, says “we don’t see it as crowdsourcing, we see it as another way to watch a commercial and…

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