Generation Connected – A Facebook Cover Shoot

5 ethernet leads, a key to an electric bike, 2 scaples, an iPhone 5s cable, 1 old MiniDisc player (plus disks), 64g of sugarfree gum, a pink pinpong ball, 2 scalpels (plus blades), 2x pencil sharpeners, a mouse, a lomo camera, 1 St Judes disposable coffee cup, iPhone 4 earphones, a DVDR disk, 3 blocks of lego, 1 dvi connector, a dinosaur, 1 macbook plug adapter, a paperclip, ye olde iPod, aKlang USB, a LEAP motion and an HB pencil later…


Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 12.59.05 pm

Download free hi-res desktop background [5556 × 3600 jpg 12.7mb]

Maria Garcia, Antonny Sugianto, Catalina Gouverneur, Jessica Tong and James Théophane.

work @ holler

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