1847 meter, the distance from my house to my studio


Objects 1847 meters found in Helmut Smit‘s studio. Photo by Lotte Stekelenburg

extension lead 10 m

extension cord red 25 m

extension cord yellow 20 m

extension cord green 12 m

extension cord white 3 m

extension cord IKEA KOPPLA 5 m

installation wire black 100 m

rope brown 100 m

rope white 20 m

rope off white 20 m

rope IKEA blue10 m

rope black/blue/white 20 m

sisal rope 45 m

polypropylene rope yellow 45 m

polypropylene rope blue 45 m

polypropylene rope brown 45 m

flexible tube 5 m

nail band 10 m

tape measure 3 m

tape measure 30 m

iron wire 1,5mm green 25 m

iron wire 50 m

iron wire green Gamma 50 m

iron wire green Skandia 50 m

clothesline 20 m

tensioning strap orange 5 m

tensioning strap blue 4 m

stretching foil 150 m

coaxial cable 5 m

yarn 65 m

sandpaper roll kwb 5 m

sandpaper roll 5 m

electrical wire black 5 m

electrical wire white 5 m

electrical wire brown 5 m

electrical wire with switch 2 m

elastic band 10 m

thread 100 m

masons line 40 m

phone cord 2 m

iron cord 3 m

melamine edge 2,5 m

nylon thread 25 m

bandage 4 m

plaster tape 5 m

duct tape 50 m

insulating tape black 4,5 m

insulating tape brown 4,5 m

insulating tape yellow/green 4,5 m

insulating tape blue 4,5 m

insulating tape green 25 m

masking tape Elma 25 m

masking tape Tesa 50 m

12mm masking tape 50 m

masking tape purple 25 m

double sided foam tape 1,5 m

double sided carpet tape 5 m

sealing tape 5 m

aluminum tape 5 m

packing tape Scotch 66 m

packing tape Tesa 66 m

packing tape fragile 66 m

packing tape transparant Scotch 66 m

packing tape transparant Zeeman 25 m

adhesive tape 33 m

adhesive tape crystal 33 m


teflon tape 12 m

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