Heineken – Topless Tuesday


Heatwave Topical Response ad [Australia]

On Tuesday 8th Jan 2013 Australia recorded temperatures well above the all-time record of 50.7 degrees reached on January 2, 1960.

Come 5pm, the offices and studios around NSW became stinking hot. However there’s only one #toplesstuesday Aussies would (and should) go for in this kind of heat.

From concept to placement, we turned around the above topical response ad the same day.

work @ holler

V Live Sugarfree


Print, Ooh

We took a variant from the V energy drink portfolio and re-launched it with a new advertising campaign, “Live Sugarfree”, a celebration of women in a male-dominated category not conforming to candy-girl stereotypes.

The online and print elements take their cues from the product’s stark industrial can design, and futurist manifesto artwork from the influential era.

Kate Banazi, screenprinter for the award-winning Central St Martins campaign from London, was commissioned to develop the series of posters and desktop images.


work @ Clemenger BBDO 


Vivid Festival Sydney. Projections & Panel Discussions


So I did a talk and participated in a panel discussion for  Vivid Festival at the Sydney Opera House today. Waren Armstrong of (Un)seen Sculptors, Fabian Riggall founder of Secret Cinema and Future Shorts, myself and Dr Tim Barker from iCinema set about discussing exploring the merits of installation art, transmedia and experiential. French art and design collective Superbien put together an amazing lightshow. All for Creative Sydney.

Nokia E7- The Ultimate Business Smartphone

Standard, longform-product-porn ad introducing Nokia’s E7 youtube channel.
Results: Over 1m plays. 1/2m likes, 40 dislikes.

OMG E7 is sooooo sexy :X zprockart 2 months ago 34
nokia is suck !!! carlos19RKS10 2 weeks ago
Simply amazing! Nokia is back! mcloysapoksy 3 weeks ago
The interface is a bit ugly. I don’t like the USB function. But it seems the good outweights the bad KiyokaMakibi 3 weeks ago


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D&AD Blog: All wrapped up


Hoorah, my installation idea for the front cover of London’s Metro has been shortlisted. There are some great executions in there by the likes of The Partners, McCann Erikson and Handstand Creative.

London Feels
Metro has a unique opportunity to gauge and shape the mood of Londoners.
London Feels is an installation that does exactly that. Using the Metro Twitter feed and #londonfeels, Metro offers its readership the oppportunity to use one word to describe how they feel today.

As the emotions diagram above shows, emotions can be divided into six groups: Happy, Excited, Tender, Scared, Angry and Sad.

Using this data we create a physical visual device that can reflect that ephemeral nature of Londoner’s Moods.  A live installation. Each balloon represents a mood segment: Green = Happy, Red = Angry etc. Each ballon is connected to emotional keywords, live via twitter. The ballon reacts by inflating or deflating depending on popularity of the mood.

You can watch, or interact with the installation live via the internet.


Kenny Campbell, Editor, Metro
Paul Brazier, D&AD President & ECD, AMV.BBDO
Ringan Ledwidge, Director, Rattling Stick
Alex Bec, Director and Editor, It’s Nice That


Neville Brody: Wanker or Genius?


Brody is giving his D&AD President’s Lecture this Wednesday (November 25). Titled Neville Brody: Wanker or Genius?

I’d say genius…but I’m biased.

“[Lost Boys and] Creative Review readers can claim the dubious distinction of being responsible for the title for Brody’s Lecture: it comes from some of the personal and somewhat vicious comments aimed at him following [Dan & my work for the] D&AD New Blood campaign and his recent Wallpaper* cover.”

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