Passion in Moscow

1. Problem / Task

Make Zanussi famous in Central and Eastern European countries in order to fend off competition from brands like Indesit and Beko in a fast-growing market.

2. Insight
People don’t want to spend time thinking and worrying about their appliances; they would rather spend their time indulging their passions.

3. Key thought
Zanussi appliances enable you to share the Italian passion for life.

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Start Something

A brave repositioning for NiQuitin smoking cessation patches. We proposed they not only change the way they do advertising, but change the way they do business. The proposal shifted the client’s business model to a Service Design proposition.  A consumer would sign up to the Start program and follow the steps through to completion with the guided hand of a chosen communities, or grass roots initiatives suited to their personal tastes. To put it another way…a bit like weight watchers.

This is the vision for the NiQuitin is about re-branding quitting and focusing all communication, content, products and services on the act of STARTING something instead of QUITTING. It’s about replacing smoking with something better. It’s an ambitious change of position for the brand but one that will reap rewards if they commit to challenging the category.
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Rankin Live


During my time as the Art Director and CD on Rankin account we received this amazing brief from Rankin.  Originally we were discussing calling it Rankin Live(s) – The Great British Portrait week. 

At it’s heart the idea was simple: shoot, instantly project, print and hang a portrait of each subject, creating an ephemeral and amorphous exhibition space documenting the lives of Britain today.  This morphed into Rankin Live a massive retrospective, a live shoot, an interactive gallery and magazine all in one.

It was quite an ambitious ask, but quite lot of the original thinking made it through to the exhibition.  Initially we were thinking of partnering with JCDecaux Innovate, using their street furniture to take the exhibition beyond the confines of Brick Lane.  We had also floated the idea of mini interactive installation booths dotted around the country and at festivals.  The resecession kicked in and I guess this bacame a little too ambitious.  The Rankin Live tent did make an appearance at Big Chill festival up in Eastnor though.

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Toshiba Upscaling

Had the pleasure of working with John and Hugo at Grey London on the initial conceptual faze of this campaign for Toshiba.  To quote John: Toshiba’s upscaling technology is breathtaking. Only a visual metaphor of the magnitude of Timesculpture could represent the step change you’ll get from standard definition screens. It’s a celebration of what Toshiba innovation can do for people, itself made possible by Toshiba technology

Awards:  Cannes Lion Integrated [shortlisted]

Work @ Tonic / Grey




Pretty simple direct response brief – get people to the event. 2009 wasn’t a particularly good year to be anyone, let alone a graduate. We took a fairly direct route based on peers and a democratic recruitment campaign. Nothing particularly clever, but it turned a few heads and created debate, so job done.

Awards: IAB creative showcase [Winner], BIMA [Winner], London International [Finalist], Revolution Awards [Finalist], D&AD [Finalist], Webby [Shortlisted].

Intergrated Campaign to launch D&AD’s 2009 New Blood: I’ll be there.


  • Neville Brody, Founder – Research Studios (Graphic Design)
  • Graham Fink, ECD – M&C Saatchi (Advertising)
  • Morag Mysercough, Founder – Studio Mysercough (Architecture & Design)
  • Caroline Pay, CD – BBH (Advertising)
  • Mark Waites, Founder – Mother (Advertising)
  • Simon Waterfall, Founder – Poke (Digital) 
Photographer: Nadav Kander

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Electrolux – Love Your Clothes

Pan-European multi-million pound comms pitch.

Pitch Task:  Relaunch Iron Aid, Electrolux’s high-end clothing care steam dryer across Europe, also create a sustained consumer engagement pre and post purchase cycle.

Key thought: Steam is the choice of the fashion professional.

Over the past few year’s sustainable fashion has emerged as much more than a fleeting trend. More and more people are getting into Swishing, Style Swap and Vintage parties. And it’s not just to save money. It’s as much a social movement as it is about fashion. There are several variations ranging from sample sale events, through to large-scale Swish warehouse events and intimate smaller boutique Swag parties at home. This is great territory for the IronAid. On a practical level, all the clothes at these events need to be refreshed and made to feel new again. On a brand level it’s about promoting the Love Your Clothes position. It’s about giving people ways of participating on every level. Giving them valuable tools and experiences that will give them a reason to engage with the brand.



Not a website, rather a platform for content and functionality that can then be transferred to other channels. As social media destination it performs the same function as a social network site but in the context of fashion. It’s about giving people ways of sharing their love of clothes and tools to give them access to fashion on a deeper level – not just as a consumer but as a creator.


Magic Mirror
Social retailing technology takes ‘how do I look in this?’ thought to a much wider audience. This is a three-panelled interactive mirror with two cameras located on either side. Using a mobile equipped with wireless shoppers simply point their camera at the mirror to activate their mirror app on Lookbook. Friends and family can then see them modelling the different outfits and then vote on the outfits and/or text-message their opinion back to the shopper.


LookBook Mobile
The Lookbook is a social media tool so much of the functionality would be developed for mobile devices. The interface is version features key functionality and tools. These include messaging, webcast/livecast, Virtual Mirror application, Retail GPS store mapping, sale and event text alerts and Add to Wardrobe functionality.


All content and site functionality can be distributed and embedded locally in blogs and social media sites (flash movie only). We can also deliver updated flash video content directly to embedded ads in social network profiles.

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